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Who can train in the martial arts?

AP1020735nyone can train, and all ages are welcome! We have had students as young as 3, as old as 85, and with a wide range of abilities. No special skills are required to learn martial arts. Students only need to have the desire to learn, grow and have fun.

We understand that everyone is unique and learns slightly differently. In order to accommodate these differences and provide the best environment for learning, the curriculum is presented through a combination of private lessons and group classes. Rank progression is determined by an individual’s ability to learn and the amount of time one is able to dedicate to training.

We encourage every person to train with a Positive Mental Attitude and to have patience with him or herself. This helps each person progress more quickly in a fun and supportive environment.

PMA is not a “rank”-oriented school, but rather, a skill-oriented one. It is not possible to earn a black belt in one or two years, but over many years with dedicated training.

What are the benefits of training?

punchingbagPeople train for a variety of reasons:

  • Self-defense
  • Confidence
  • Discipline
  • Physical fitness
  • Personal development
  • Competition
  • Awareness
  • FUN!

In addition to the tangible benefits of training, the biggest intangible aspect is an improved sense of self-esteem. Martial arts training gives everyone — especially children –a “CAN DO” attitude that transfers to other aspects in their life.

The people at PMA see their training as a very worthwhile investment in their future.

“The fittest people in Denver walk through these doors daily”

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