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Pop-up classes week of 11/15

Thurs 11/17:
Martial Arts Conditioning (MAC): 6:30 pm

Fri 11/18:
Adult Group Class: 10:30 am

Sat 11/19:
Youth Group Class: 10:00 am
Adult Group Class: 11:00 am
James Painter Self-Defense Seminar: 1:00-4:00 pm

Sun 11/20:
James Painter Self-Defense Seminar: 1:00-4:00 pm

Pop-up classes week of 10/24

Tues. 10/25:
Grappling class/seminar @ 10:30 am and @ 6:30 pm, featuring Jiu-Jitsu grappler Mr. Daniel Schnurrenberger from Lake Tahoe (both are FREE!)

Thurs. 10/27:
Zoom/Conditioning class @ 6:30 pm

Sat. 10/29:
Youth Group class @ 10:00 am
Adult Group/Open Sparring @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Pop-up classes week of 10/17

Hi PMA, pop-up classes this week:

Thursday 10/20:
Conditioning class @ 6:30pm

Saturday 10/22:
Kids class @ 10:00am
Adult class @ 11:00am
Open Sparring @ Noon

We are planning to be fully open with Privates/Phases/Pods & Groups in November!

Pop-up classes week of 10/10

Hi PMAers, pop-up classes this week:

Thursday 10/13:
Zoom (aka conditioning) @ 6:30 pm

Saturday 10/15:
Kids class @ 10:00 am
Adult self-defense/boxing ‘skills & drills’ @ 11:00 am
Open sparring @ noon

The school is close(r) to being built out! We’re holding a number of pop-up group classes in October, and a regular schedule will start in November.

Oct. 8th classes

Hi PMA People,

We’ll be having classes Saturday, Oct 8th:

Kids class @10:00

Adult class @11:00

Open sparring @Noon

Hope to see you there!

We’ll be starting a ‘semi-regular’ group schedule next week, with privates/phases to start in November!

Work day 9/17

Hi PMA, Again this Sat & Sun we’ll be working on the new school from 9-4 both days (for the last weekend, classes start next Thurs & Sat). If you’d like to help, we’d love to have your help.

Stay tuned for next week group schedule, featuring Mr. Villanueva, Ms. Glaze, kids classes & Sat group & sparring!

Anniversary classes 9/12

Team PMA: Mon. Sept. 12 is PMA’s 31-year anniversary in Colorado (PMA actually started in Albuquerque in 1975). So Monday, we will have a youth group class at 6:00 and an adult group class at 7:00. It will be a good night for photos, fun and games! And maybe an anniversary cake…

We are starting to put together a group schedule for the remainder of September, with regular private lessons and group classes starting in October, assuming everything goes as planned.