beltssquareProgressive Martial Arts (PMA) offers training in several different styles of martial arts – including Chinese Kenpo karate, practical self defense, Chinese Kuntao, Indonesian Pentjak Silat, aerobic kick boxing, boxing, kick boxing, grappling, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and sport karate. Founded in Denver in 1985, PMA is operated by Mr. Stewart Lauper and his senior staff, who bring over 70 years of training to the school.

As our name implies, we have a progressive approach to our teaching and training.  We bring the best elements of old style training – Honesty, Courtesy, Discipline and Respect – and blend them with a fun, fitness-oriented, modern method of 21st century sports science.

At PMA, we have found this method has worked very well over the last 30 years.  People can learn the values and principles of ancient, traditional martial arts in a relaxed, contemporary forum.

They key to doing anything well is being persistent and disciplined – and making hard training fun.

Read our fact sheet for more details about our history and evolution.

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